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October 18, 2010
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Megaman Chaos .:MMLC:..:CE:. by Hito-san Megaman Chaos .:MMLC:..:CE:. by Hito-san
My contest entry for :iconmegaman-legends-club: .:You in Megaman legends word:. hope you like it=D

Back story & stats
name: goes by ziek but he is know by his people as Megaman Chaos
Job: digger merc
Age: unknown
armor type: a mix of recon and stelth digging armor
Unit type:battle unit 3rd class

Rose and her friends used to play in an old ruin on the more populated side of Pokte one day she found a boy in a cristal once she toutched it she releasd ziek, who was in rebirth hibernation whating to be awoken to carry out his main objectve witch is "reinitialize" of Pokte
his activation awoke the Reaverbots in the ruins and ziek was barly able to walk he was still to week rose helped him excape, in retuern ziek has devoted his life to protecting rose as she did for him, he gave up his main role becaus he found carbons to be interesting
now he works as a digg merc
if some one wants a tresuer to befound or a Reaverbots takeing out thay pay ziek to get the job done, he has two polices he won't find the "motherload" for any one becaus he knows the truth about it, and he won't work for air pirates.
along the way ziek found a strange reaverbot named edeg witch could speak! Edge is known as a reaver blade
witch ziek kept for himself
with Edge for a wepon and rose spoting ziek will try and stop the end for carbons in Pokte his ne found home

About the art
it was kinda fun to dull down my normal art style and kinda relaxing lol
in the pictuer I wanted to show how he eeks out his living
so he's retreving the legindery blue reiverbot eye
with the help of his spoter rose who I imagen is telling him "all the revierbots seem to be swarming your position! thay realy don't want you to take that eye, can you handel this?"
she the consernd tipe lol
I wanted to portay his spoter and his "data" character and as I was drawing his rough scetch I hit me his sword could be a reaver bot but a realy intelagent one, Edge. I emagen that ziek and Edge tend to disagree or argue but when its time to work there an awesom team
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She had better pay extra close attention to that Sharukurusu Reaverbot behind her. Those Reaverbots are known to really hit hard and fast!

... she is a he lol


A reaver blade. Thats a nice idea. More over, a Megaman giving up the re-initialization plan. Nice story that you included. Wouldn't mind reading reading about Chaos more.
I spent alot of shower time ( it's ware I think best lol ) on the story =P I'm glad you like it=D
wow! the story is really interesting and the artwork is fantastic! ziek's armor is great and i love edge's look. the background is very cool with the way it looks like metallic machinery walls or something. the shading is also a marvelous feature. =^-^=
thank you verry mutch =D
horaciosi Oct 29, 2010  Student Digital Artist
who is that in the top
his spoter Rose
no problem! =^-^=
Avielsusej Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I knew this one was gonna end up very interesting. You did a great job. I like M.Chaos' armor, pretty stylish!
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